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Bubble Church

Following a meeting of Peter and the Stewards, it was agreed to take the next step in moving forward after lockdown.

Different ‘bubble’ groups will be formed consisting of about 10 people to meet for fellowship, refreshment and communion. These groups will not necessarily meet on a Sunday, but during the week, e.g. when the Monday coffee morning might have met or when the bible study group meets. Another main feature of the groups will be to look at the way forward for the church – what will the ‘new normal’ for our church look like?

All are invited to join these groups that will take place at church.We hope as many people as possible will feel comfortable to take this next move. We, also understand if people are still unable to make this move. However, we encourage everyone to consider this next move prayerfully.

All safeguarding measures will be put in place including social distancing and and the wearing of masks. During the course of this next week as people are contacted as normal over the phone,all will be invited to join a group.

For those who are uneasy about joining in church, it may be possible to set up a bubble on Zoom – but communion will not be possible.

Our Sunday afternoon arrangements will continue with individual prayer, the online service and the 10-minute ministry. Again, all are invited to attend this meeting.


Do you know someone without the Internet?

Let them know they can listen to the Sunday talk and the Thursday 10-minute ministry on their phone.

Dial:    01636 552255

(local rates apply – if part of your package, no additional charges will apply)

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Community Hub Development

Pledges so far:

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We are raising money to re-develop the premises so it is accessible by all and for community use. A Community Hub to help meet the needs of the community


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