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Telephone: 01636 702154

Room bookings: 07467015464

Monday Coffee

Mondays at 9.30am to 11.30am

Every Monday we meet in the Church Hall for tea/coffee and a bite to eat. This is an ideal opportunity to meet and have a chat with friends and make new friends.

New friends are always welcomed and encouraged to attend for friendship and fellowship.

Monies raised from the sale of refreshments are donated to good causes. This year £1000 has been donated.

Christmas Special

Today (December 16) we were entertained in uplifting fashion by youngsters from Highfields school. They sang their hearts out with Christmas songs they had learnt with their teacher and teaching assistants.

Those present at the coffee morning were highly delighted with the children's performance and gave them a rousing cheer at the end. After their performance the children had some refreshments and, with help from their leaders, joined the elderly members of the coffee morning and soon struck up conversations with them.

The children, hopefully will be coming again next school term. This time they will come to play games with the coffee morning group. Won't that be something with the different generations being together supporting each other.

Thank you Highfields!