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Murder Mystery

A very enjoyable early evening entertainment took place on Saturday October 26. This was the third of our murder mystery and meal fundraisers – and probably the best one yet!

Despite the rain there were over 40 people present. They were treated to a marvellous spectacle! Old pop stars, with their names changed to protect the innocent, were the suspects in a dastardly deed – the murder of Doug Beldof. With plenty of references to songs by the artists we were taken on a journey to see if we could find the murderer.

Thank you to all the actors who gave sterling performances. Tina Turnaround certainly made everyone turn around with her outfit!! In the end, only one team managed to work out who did it – well done to them.

There were ‘detective’ themes played during meal where we had to guess the TV programme. Obviously, we all lead too busy a life to sit down and watch TV as the top mark was only 50%.

The meal, again, was very good – thank you the catering ‘A’ Team!

A good evening – well done to all!

Would you trust any of these characters?!!

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