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New Year Message

Dear All,

I read an article recently about Chris Hemsworth, he is the actor who plays ‘Thor’ in the super hero films. He has released an app that enables you to follow his fitness regimes, but it goes further then that, you can learn about what he eats and also his meditation techniques. In essence you can become like him. Perhaps for some people it will not be possible to have the muscular body that he has but you can train to get your body toned up, you can eat the right things and you can exercise your mind. We live in a society that consumes self help books, fitness DVDs, eating plans. It is as if we are searching for something that will solve our problems or make us a better person, these resources just entice us to read the books and follow the programmes, in the hope that we will be a changed person.

Is it society that makes us feel uncomfortable about ourselves; that pressures us to be a certain image, a certain weight, a certain build or have a certain attitude? Advertising plays a big part in this, subconsciously we can take in the messages of the ‘must have products’, or the ‘can’t live without this’ gadget. We realise today how much the media plays in influencing our thinking about ourselves and other people. It is not easy to accept ourselves as we are without thinking we have to change to fit in with our friends, our family and those around us.

As we enter a New Year, let us accept ourselves for who we are, the things we do not like about ourselves and the things we do. We are probably more critical about ourselves then any one else. And certainly, we need to realise that God loves us as we are. He knows our faults and our weaknesses but he also knows our strengths and our good qualities. Let us step into the New Year with a fresh perspective of loving ourselves and looking for the positive things in life. Allowing ourselves to look at the world through God’s eyes and see the wonderful world that he has created for us.

God Bless Peter Bates

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