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Prayer Wall

Please read the prayers and, if you feel able to, pray either to yourself or by writing out your prayer using the reply button below. When you have prayed please click the 'pray' button.

Remember the power of collective prayer.



  • I'm kind of a mess right now, and sure hoping that some things get better soon. I'm at the end of my rope. It's not just effecting me, it's effecting others around me. Need a treatment that could help out a severe mental health condition, OCD that I have. The insurance denied coverage, and I don't have the money for it myself so I'm kind of in a situation here. Also I haven't slept right for close to 15 years now due to some damage sustained to my pituitary gland. That's wearing on me just in and of itself to say the least, and I'm showing the signs of heavy demonic oppression after there's been a massive amount of trauma in my life, and I also developed a bad habit of pornography I probably likely never would have had I nor been put in this situation.
  • Dear brothers and sisters, please pray for my mum (especially her work and healing) and me, and for our pastors and neighbours, thank you all dearly, may the Lord be with us, abide in us all always, and fill us all with His Holy Spirit, lead us to follow Him and do His Will, and keep us abide in Him always, Hallelujah Amen.
  • Dear Lord Jesus we pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  • Please Lord Jesus help me and my partner to Get married so we don't continue to sin against you in fornication help us to overcome this sexual sin the sin of lust and sexual impure thought sins help us both to repent and be convicted by the power of The Holy Ghost in Your Mighty name Jesus Amen
  • Dear Lord Jesus i lift up this situation to you i humbly ask that you please help me and my partner to keep our baby please Divinely intervene into this situation and Divinely intervene into the hearts of the social services for us to keep our baby Lord you know how much we love and want to keep our baby and how much we are willing to try and cooperate please Lord help us and have Mercy upon us as we talk to social services and i prove i can keep my baby Lord you know i have been clean a long time and my mind and heart on how i don't want to go back please grant us a miracle upon this situation i know you're able in Your Mighty name i pray Amen
  • Kindly please pray for the healing of Deepak's mental illness. Thank you very much.
  • Please pray for my elder brother\'s God\'s guidance and protection in his life. Pray for wisdom and discernment in his life. Pray for his children health and discipline. Pray for his wife to be prayerful.
  • Please be with those who have been particularly affected by the outbreak. Keep them safe and give their families the strength they will need at this difficult time.

    We remember all the NHS staff and carers at this time. We thank you that there are people willing to put themselves first to help others despite the potential cost to themselves. Please be with them and let them know that you are there supporting them all along the way.

  • Please pray for those in our country who have been badly affected by the recent storms. I pray that they will be given the strength and the resolve to carry on and be strong enough, when the time comes to put things, to be able to put things right. Please pray for all those people who are helping and supporting those affected by the floods.

  • Lord God we acknowledge your amazing creativity in the wonderful world you have made for us to inhabit. But that awesome wonder and power does not always benefit us, so we offer prayers and blessings on the individuals and their families who have been caught in the volcano eruption in New Zealand. Please be with rescue and emergency teams in future days as they search for any possible survivors. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen