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Prayer Wall

Please read the prayers and, if you feel able to, pray either to yourself or by writing out your prayer using the reply button below. When you have prayed please click the 'pray' button.

Remember the power of collective prayer.



  • As we sit in our warm homes feeling cosy and warm looking at the unrelenting rain, Let us give thanks that we are safe and secure, We pray today for those who have lost their homes through the destroying floods remembering in particular the residents of Fish lake! who are distraught because they have had to desert their homes and do not know when they will be able to return, Its hard to imagine how they feel, we ask lord for your presence with each person hold them through this difficult time and bring about your support and love through the kindness and love of others, AMEN
  • Prayer request : please help me not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel.
  • Let us pray for the 39 unknown men and women who died in the back of a lorry and while we think of them, let us also remember their families who may never know what happened to their loved ones. We offer them all to you Lord.
    1. sw

      Lord, we cannot imagine the suffering that these people went through, but we pray that others may learn from this suffering and not take part in the transportation by being swayed by money.

  • Pray for the people of Syria - in particular those living near Turkey's border.
  • Continue to pray for the victims and perpetrators of knife crimes. May we be able to reverse the current trend of ever increasing knife crime.
  • For the redevelopment of both secondary and special needs provision in our area that they may enhance the education and well being of the children they serve.
  • Please pray that the leaders of Governments around the world will make the changes necessary to reduce the damage being done to our world. Think especially about the call to do something that is coming from our young people.
    1. S watson

      At this time of world awareness we pray for the leaders of our governments to listen to the voices of the people and take a responsible stance to lessen the impact of climate change in our world. Amen.

  • Please remember in your prayers those people in the Bahamas who have lost love ones, don't know if they are alive or have had their homes and livelihood destroyed.
  • Please pray for the forthcoming Brexit talks and for the bringing together of our nation
    1. DC Watson

      Dear God Please give the MPs the wherewithal to make the right decision tonight in the crucial vote. A decision that will be right for the country and not their own self-interests. Amen