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The Team

A big welcome from the Ministry Team. We hope and pray that when you have visited our website you may feel drawn to want to know more about our church and our faith. We extend to you the opportunity to come to our church and experience, for yourself, the love of Jesus and of the people who attend. For those who unable to attend or would like to see what our services are like, join our church online.

God Bless!

Church Steward

About ten years ago I decided I wanted to return to regular church going. I knew no one at all at Balderton Methodist Church, so I was quite apprehensive as I walked inside - but I needn't have worried. I was welcomed and put at my ease so I started to attend regularly. In the following weeks I saw many examples of kindness and warm hospitality to others from church members. Christianity in practice.

I was, also, impressed by the programme of regular events held at the church: coffee mornings, quizzes, lunches, bible study, boys' brigade, badminton, concerts and more. Later on Messy Church for young children began and a monthly Saturday breakfast morning, which has grown and grown in popularity. I became the 'egg lady' there (my highest score for a morning's egg cooking is 10 dozen). It's enjoyable working in a team and good to see people from all walks of life having the chance to meet old friends and make new ones, and stay to talk for as long as they wish.

Come and join us!

Church Steward

Worship at Main Street Church is a very important part of my life. In earlier years, I taught in the Sunday School and also played badminton and table tennis. Now I am in my 'mature' years I do things less energetic like baking cakes for our monthly coffee mornings. I also enjoy quizzes and meals here among friends.

As our congregation is growing older it is encouraging to see so many young children being brought to church to enjoy the activities that are available for them. It makes it feel like a proper Church family!

Church Steward

I have always had a faith and growing up in a small village, I attended the local Sunday School. I went to a neighbouring Church of England primary school. As I grew older, I started to become wanting more from my local parish church. I found that I was attending less services and by the time I had met my partner I had stopped attending altogether.

I always knew I was going to be married in church, however when my partner proposed I had large misgivings about attending my local church. My partner suggested his church and when I entered the building, I felt like I was coming home. I converted to Methodism and have never had any misgivings. The church has enhanced my belief in faith and Balderton has become my family church. It and its congregation has offered a welcome and a sense of inner peace in both good times and bad. It will be my forever church.

Church Steward

I grew up in Birmingham and attended a Presbyterian Church there. I then moved to Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Cropwell Bishop and finally arrived in Newark in 1985. Over those years I dipped into various churches that were mainly Anglican. When we moved from Coddington to Balderton in 1999, I realised that I knew no local people. To make some new friends I decided to join the WI and try out some of the local churches.

The moment I walked into Balderton Methodist Church I felt so welcome and at home. I have stayed ever since and now feel very much part of our church family. Becoming a Methodist means I am also now part of the Circuit Family, the District Family and then the Connexion Family. All those years ago I had no idea I would ever end up as a Church Steward, let alone a Circuit Steward. What else does God have in his plan for me?

Church Steward
Mark Hobson

My first visit to Balderton Methodist Church was back in the late 1960’s when I was Baptised here. Then my next visits were along with the Boys' Brigade where I have fond memories of the camps we went on and the parades with the band in which I was a drummer. Unfortunately, I left the band to join another band where we entered competitions along with parades.

I then came back to the Church when I married Lucille in 1989. We did not start attending each week back then due to other commitments. But, in 1983 events were to change and we had the funeral of my daughter here and from then I knew where I really belonged. I knew many of the members at the Church as I have grown up in Balderton from the age of 4 and they all made me feel welcome.

I feel at home with the Church and have made many friends, and sadly seen so many depart to be with the Lord and look over us. I feel the presence of Jesus by my side each day as I have a stressful job and I know He is there by my side guiding me at difficult times. I enjoy my role as Steward and see this role as key to any Church. As I meet many people in my work I am used to talking to strangers and hope I make them feel welcome. The Church certainly is part of my family and I look forward to serving Jesus and the Church for a long time.


I have been a Circuit Minister for the past 23 years, serving in Nottingham, Doncaster, Dewsbury and Derby. My wife Cathy and I moved into the Newark and Southwell Circuit in July 2017, taking responsibility for four churches, Collingham, Long Bennington, Newark North End and Balderton. We have settled into the area very well and enjoy being involved in all our churches. Cathy is an active member at Balderton and works alongside a very committed group of people who serve the community through various outreach activities. We enjoy the fellowship at Balderton where there is always a great atmosphere.

We are looking forward to the challenges ahead as we move into a new phase of our work, where we plan to redevelop the building to give better access and more flexibility. We want to provide a café to complement the valuable work already being done within the community by the congregation, and we are also taking the opportunity to diversify our worship so that we can offer people a variety of ways of encountering God.

Church Steward

I can't remember a time when I haven't had a faith and an early memory is at 5 or 6 being taught the Lord's Prayer by my older brother. I enjoyed attending an Anglican Sunday School and going to the Baptist Church as a teenager. Once I settled in Balderton as a new mum, I became involved with this Methodist Church where my daughters attended Sunday School for 10 years. When they left, I drifted away but Church member Marian urged me to 'just come back'.

During the last 7 years my faith has developed and strengthened. In 2019 I attended the ECG Conference at Scarborough and was touched by the Holy Spirit. This wonderful experience means I now wake up every morning thanking God for all the blessings he has given me and praising Him for the gift of Christ's suffering and death for my redemption.

Grace Hobson
Grace Hobson

I have always had a faith, however this was brought out once I attended the church with my parents. As both are members previously to my birth, this has always been my church and I have always been treated as family by everyone, whether this is as a daughter or a granddaughter. The church is my family. I have been christened and confirmed within the church and intend on being married here when the time arrives.

My faith has grown with being a member, encouraging me to complete my degree and masters with a religious course for both. Through battling and struggling with my health for many years I have never felt excluded from the church and know that my family will always be there for me and knowing that they are supporting me through my hard times and giving me confidence in my good times. I will always be a Methodist at heart and this church will always be a part of me and always be my extended family.

Church Steward
Sue Watson

I was brought up as young girl going to church, so it was a natural progression that I should take on leadership roles. I believe that the church has the role of showing God's love in our community, both in everyday life and times of trouble. To this end, I aim to develop our church as an inclusive and welcoming place where people can attend our social events as well as our services.

We already provide a range of activities for young and old, but our proposed redevelopment will help us make our property more accessible and functional for all abilities to use. I encourage you to check these out further on this website.