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Welcome to 2024

I hope you had a happy and blessed Christmas, whatever you ended up doing with the time, and that the New Year has begun with good things for you.

A fresh start

The jury seems to be out on the value of New Year resolutions – though the slimming & gym industries still seem to think that the hanging of a new calendar is the ideal point to start making significant lifestyle changes for the better. Personally, I have never found cold weather a good time to be having less to eat. Whether you have made resolutions or not (and whether you are keeping them or not), the turning of a page in time does represent the opportunity for a fresh start – and we all need those from time to time.

Jesus invites us to repent

In January we begin to tell again the story of the life and work of Jesus, which starts with a message about fresh beginnings. When Jesus invited people to ‘repent’, he was inviting them to change their way of thinking – today we might say, ‘get a new mindset’. And the reason for doing that was because God’s kingdom was coming close. It was a new day, and new days need fresh thinking and changed behaviours. The goodness, wisdom and graciousness of God was coming to help people to get their lives back on track and make them productive citizens of a new world.

Know we have value

To be productive we need to know that we have some value, that we have things to offer to the world. God offers us the self-esteem that comes from knowing that we are loved, that we have gifts to discover and develop, and that we have power to make a difference in the world. This knowledge is liberating, and God asks us to use our freedom for good. This is the good news Jesus brings us.

God never gives up on us

Of course, we fail to reach our goals; we miss the target; we wander off the path; we fall short of our possibilities. But God never gives up on us, and we can, at any point, get back on track.

The Japanese have a saying about failure: “Fall down seven times: get up eight.” There is always a new beginning.

When we meet on January 21st, we will refresh our commitment to be God’s people in our Covenant Service. We will make promises to God that we will have kept and broken in the past – all of us. But there is another chance to commit ourselves to God’s kingdom and mission to bring good into the world through people like us. No matter how far short we may fall from that lofty goal, we can always get up and start again. Failure is not the end – giving up is the end. So as a new year is beginning, let’s pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, and follow after God in the Way of Jesus with fresh energy and enthusiasm.

Grace and peace, Dave Bonny

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